Treatment Options

Traditional Braces

CG Orthodontics is a Bucks County Family Orthodontist, offering lower-profile traditional braces; an easier way to clean your braces and overall faster treatment. Add a pop of color for any occasion or stay simple—the choice is yours.

Clear Braces

Clear braces serve the exact same purpose as metal braces. The only difference is in the aesthetics—they are much less noticeable! Clear braces are a perfect (and popular) option for patients of all ages.


Patients at our Bucks County Family Orthodontist’s office that use Invisalign aligners can take advantage of the fact that the appliances themselves are virtually invisible. Yet, this custom-made series of clear aligners gently and gradually shift teeth into place to create a beautiful smile. Invisalign is particularly well-suited to the needs of professionals, athletes, brides, grooms, and parents, but is certainly often a viable option for teens as well.