Our Team

CG Orthodontist’s team of experts leverages its expertise to ultimately create your perfect smile. In fact, the synergy that exists between the doctors and the team—the members you see as well as those who work behind the scenes—is one reason our patients enjoy an efficient and courteous atmosphere, whether they are talking to us via the phone, communicating with us via email, or visiting the premises. Many professionals come together to make this happen. Some team members are dedicated to scheduling, logistics, and ensuring we’re as welcoming as we can be; others do the clinical assisting that happens alongside the doctors or spend their time customizing orthodontic appliances and working in our lab. As required, each team member possesses practical and clinical orthodontic experience. Our assistants are certified orthodontic assistants who are trained to provide the best in customer service and who stay current with the latest advancements in the field of orthodontics by attending annual continuing education courses. We measure our success by the number of amazing smiles we have revealed and the positive impact each smile will have on each patient’s life.