Newtown Orthodontists

CG Orthodontics is a locally owned office serving Newtown and the surrounding communities. Our team is made up of an award-winning staff along with the accomplished Dr. George and Dr. Cogan. We pride ourselves in staying abreast of the newest in orthodontic findings through knowledge of clinical trial results and actively participating in current forum discussions. Our Newtown Orthodontists also use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure our patients receive optimal results while under our care. Our top priority is to provide the best service possible, while also using our in-depth knowledge and experience to answer any questions a patient might have. Our success is measured through the smiles we get to see. We are grateful to have a positive impact in our patient’s lives.

Our Services:

Our Newtown Orthodontists offer a range of family orthodontic treatments and services to meet your needs. Our individualized orthodontic plans are versatile to fit all ages and lifestyles. 


Invisalign is a substitute for bracketed braces. These custom-fitted aligners are clear, which makes them unnoticeable. This particular treatment option is favored among adult-age patients, especially athletes and professionals, but is also available for teens.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are a popular choice for many patients as they have a less noticeable appearance than traditional metal braces. 

Traditional Braces

Our traditional braces have brackets with a less obtrusive profile than most, which allows for faster results and less hassle with cleaning. 

Early Treatment

It is always better to fix a small issue before it turns into a big problem. Early treatment for children is especially important in avoiding larger problems down the road, such as tooth extraction.

For more information about CG Orthodontics, or to schedule your complimentary consultation with our Newtown Orthodontists, please contact us.