Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children get an evaluation with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7. Why? Studies show there is a strong link between good oral health and physical health, as well as better self-esteem.

What’s more newer orthodontic technologies can be utilized to proactively prevent different issues from emerging, ensuring oral health throughout your child’s early stages of growth and development. An early screening at our Bucks County Pediatric Orthodontist allows our professionals to carefully monitor a child’s oral growth and development and recommend treatment only when it’s most advantageous to him or her.

In addition, early detection and diagnosis of some orthodontic problems is necessary to prevent or deter some more serious problems later on. The benefits of early intervention include:

  1. Limiting or eliminating the need for tooth extractions
  2. Creating room for crowded teeth
  3. Correcting damage caused by certain oral habits (e.g., thumb sucking)
  4. Limiting the risk of trauma to protruding teeth
  5. Improving facial balance and symmetry
  6. Bettering self-esteem

CG Orthodontics offers Bucks County pediatric treatment options, including traditional braces, Invisalign, retainers, and more!